Seamless Collaboration

While on one hand it helps businesses connect to gain access to helpful insights through their datasets emanating from a number of resources, it also allows them to enable seamless connectivity among their entire databases.

Share Your Dashboards

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Using Visualr, you can conveniently share your charts, graphs and dashboards across your network of peers, colleagues, clients, promoters or investors through its cutting edge networking add-on, known as Visualr Cube. Additionally, it also allows you to export your dashboard files in a range of file formats as well.

Dashboard Templates


Visualr provides you with a variety of pre-configured templates for designing charts, reports and dashboards. Businesses can use these templates for generating beautiful dashboards quickly and effectively. Alternatively, they can also customize these templates according to their preferences right from within the tool itself.


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Adopting robust and highly powerful proprietary algorithms, Visualr comprehensively prevents any sort of data theft or leakage at any point, which provides all round data confidentiality to enterprises. While using the solution, business can create digital dashboards without any worries and rest absolutely assured about the protection and security of their precious data.