Data Visualization: Uses & Benefits

"Handling Data is like being in an Ocean. You can't figure what to do with it and soon, you are drowning in it."


Data is one of the most powerful—and often overlooked—tools to communicate a message, whether in a company annual report or a thought leadership article on your blog. In order to gain useful business intelligence, it is important to focus upon data preparation before visualizing it. As a neat and well prepared dataset results in accurate, meaningful and clean data visualization, that considerably enhances the overall business intelligence. The process of data preparation entails cleansing, structuring and integrating data to make it ready for analysis.



Trends in Data Visualization

  • As the world becomes more and more digitized , the amount of data out there will only increase in size overtime.
  • An opportunity to mash up multiple data sets to gain new insights beyond what a single data set allows.
  • Companies taking a proactive where data visualization can have an impact.
  • 53% Large enterprises took initiative in major way to turn to data visualization.
  • Business Functions that generate and maintain revenue get the most investment when it comes to data visualization.

About Visualr

Visualr is a state-of the art data visualization tool, which allows you to see through your data and gain useful insights that might be of great help to you in realizing the status, issues and demands of your business in a better way.

With the help of Visular, you can connect with your MS Excel, My SQL, MS SQL, Oracle or even Flat File databases in an instant. It empowers you to quickly gather useful business intelligence out of your data.