Connect to Multiple Sources Easily

Visualr is a state of the art data visualization tool that provides the enterprises with an extensively flexible connectivity in terms of multiple data sources.

Data Sources

database data sources databases flat files
data source flat file

With the help of Visular, you can connect with your MS Excel, My SQL, MS SQL, Oracle or even Flat File databases in an instant. It empowers you to quickly gather useful business intelligence out of your data.


twitter google analytics

The world is getting digitally social at a highly rapid pace now, and we’re witnessing regular emergence and evolution of social media platforms. Visualr is also able to fetch the data from API Data Providers, such as Twitter and Google Analytics and create beautiful dashboards accordingly, in order to enable you grasp more meaning out of the data provided through these channels.

Plug & Play

data visualization software

One of the most helpful features of Visualr is its Plug-&-Play functionality. You simply need to install the application upon your basic Windows based system, and there you go! No need of any proprietary software applications, expensive hardware infrastructure or complicated know-how to use it fo data visualization.