StepOut Solutions Private Limited

Streamlining Business with Backend and Digital Support.


StepOut Solutions was formulated with an idea of bringing about a change the way companies look at their operations ranging from data analysis to social media. Working towards the execution of idea, the firm began analysing the trends and patterns that most of the industries followed. They realized the alarming demand for uplifting brands without having to go through a series of backend troubles. Hence, they figured out that two things that really needed to be sorted out for a smooth functioning was data visualization for backend and digital marketing & analytics at the front.

Going Digital

Established in the year 2011, StepOut Solutions is a Delhi-based company that offers a cost effective data visualization tool and a range of digital marketing services. The company’s digital marketing services include a gamut of media and analytic assistance such as digital content & creative production, performance marketing services, web & social media analytics, web development, integrated marketing campaigns and many more. For the same, the company employs a team of visionaries with hands on experience in social media marketing. They are responsible of bringing results through a competent action plan based on careful analysis of data. “Social media is the new big thing that companies are rolling over. It isn’t an easy task but that’s what we specialize in,” says Kunal Chaturvedi, Founder & Director, StepOut Solutions. Adding cherry to the cake is the company’s expertise in web development and UI/UX designing as a part of Lathesis. “Our aim is simple- to help our clients leave a positive mark in the world of digital marketing and Social Media; and we achieve it through a creatively able and ambitious team of thinkers, writers, designers and innovators.”

Product Offering

The company also delves into the product sector with Visualr— a data visualization tool with simple drag and drop functionality, coupled with enhanced custom features. The product helps in exploring business insights by converting data into Information. It helps in designing custom dashboards and creates interactive and informative reports to facilitate easy and quick decision making. Visualr comes in four different versions- Lite, Desktop, Server and Cloud. The Lite version comes free of charge and is meant for micro business, home purpose or students. It supports datasets that are lower than 10,000 rows in size. Lite offers comprehensive range of features and is available to users for instant download. The Desktop version provides visibility across the dataset, identifying patterns and discovering insights. Void of any high technical specification, this version enables the users to quickly learn and retrieve enhanced data visualization swiftly across data with millions of rows and numbers of terabyte in volume. Apart from rendering all the specifications and features offered by Visualr Desktop, the highly robust Server version also provides seamless connectivity across various departments in an organization. It enables data resources to be shared, manipulated and collaborated on a single network. The recently released Cloud version ‘Visualr Cube’ gives an added advantage of establishing a smooth connectivity within the organization or outside. Powered with the potential of cloud, this tool enables the user to share the dashboard and StepOut Solutions Private Limited understand the arithmetic in real time. The company also plans to roll out the web version of Visualr for the clients to access the range of features and functionalities right from the web browser around the globe.

A Brief Clientele's Study

Citing a recent case study of Bueno— a gourmet food hub in Gurgaon, India, StepOut Solutions received a request for administrating and implementing the digital marketing sector for the client. As a part of Lathesis, the company rendered its entire range of services spanning from SMS alerts, AdWords, social analytics to mere handling all the social media accounts. For the same, several strategies were implemented to find out the core reason behind collapsing numbers of the client’s users. Planning and implementing accordingly, the company was able to uplift Bueno’s figures drastically in just about a month. The website orders of the client rose from 200 orders per day to 1000 orders per day. Also, the app installation increased from 100 to 500 installs per day from customers in and around Gurgaon. Bueno received a total order of approximately 1250 per day as compared to the previous orders of 500 on a daily basis.

The Road Ahead

Having served several clients with such robust products and expedient services, StepOut Solutions steps ahead of the competitive curve with its simple ideology of ‘satisfying customers and more’. The company employs a dedicated team solely and aggressively focused on serving clients to the extent of satisfaction and further adding beneficial factors that would be fruitful for the clients in future. “Ever since the origination of StepOut Solutions, we have dedicatedly worked towards fulfilling our clients’ expectations. Greatly supported by a team of determined members, StepOut Solutions has come up to be a result-oriented organization,” says Md. Nazir, Director, StepOut Solutions. Foreseeing the future possibilities, the companies plans on expanding its horizon for the product and services line, and infusing technological innovations into the same. The firm also anticipates onto extending its capabilities to the educational division with its upcoming service ‘Nutsher’. However, any further information on the same remains undisclosed.